Monday, April 13, 2015

from the egg shell hunt again

This sweet soft blue dress is from the egg shell hunt. Runs still until 19th of April. In the post before this one is another dress from the egg shell hunt. And i also showed you boots from Lindy shoes from that hunt. The knitted sweater over shoulder is a new release from ::K:: for the Seasons Story Spring. You get two versions. The kitted pattern is different.
The pink flowery long dress is another eggshell hunt present. You get the dress with a lace top. Also bunny ears and shoes included ( not show) All in soft spring colors. Beautiful! Nic wears her new shoes from ANE. The clutch from OXI is from the Unknown Hunt. Comes with a hud for more color options. Hint (treasure)

Soft blue dress: Get Frocked - # ESH-Hunt Gift - No.23 - Get Frocked
Long dress : Kelli Kreations -  # ESH-Hunt Gift - No.12 - Kelli Kreations (free)
Clutch - OXI -::OXI:: Stella Clutch (free)
Shoulder knitted sweater ::K:: at Season's Story  - ::K:: Shoulder Knit V2 Femme Cream (NEW)
Pumps: ANE at TCF 2 for 1 room  - ANE Adore Classic pump (New)
From inventory: Necklace - ANE ( see posts before this one)
Pictures made at: Whispering Wind
Bye bye, Nic

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