Monday, November 11, 2019

double eleven, singles day shopping

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Double eleven is Singles Day shopping day in China. Did you hear about that? Half a billion shoppers are expected to participate in Singles Day 2019. It started as a day for singles to pamper themselves, because couples have their Valentines day. Now everyone participates there. Huge sales that day. It's like Black Friday in the USA. The Chinese web store Alibaba had a record turn over of 84 billion yuan in the first hour of Singes Day. That is 20,5 billion euro's. Unbelievable! I understand that people like sales. But this large amount of money being spent, that makes me also ashamed. How about all those who are suffering and have nothing at all to spend? No balance in the world!
Inspired by Double Eleven however Nic went shopping. So i could use it as a theme to write about.

Nic succeeded as you can see. Shopping bags, sweets, a shopping cart full with drinks and food. Bags on the ground. I hope she can get it all i the motor car tuktuk. Bad habit our shopping behavior.

Nic is wearing a set from amias. The skirt and sweater come with a color hud. The skirt is also very useful for combining with other tops. It was a release at Tres Chic, now in the main shop.
Nic is wearing hair from Mina. You can find the hair at FaMESHed X. It comes with a blindfold. But as you can see, you can wear the hair without the blindfold too.
Nic's boots, yes these shoes with legwarmers you can change into long boots with a hud, are from Mosquito's Way. Many colors in the hud too. See vendor picture below.
Nic  is wearing skin Petra from 7 Deadly s[K]ins, available at the UniK Event. She is wearing skin tone pineapple. See close-up below.
The dog from [Rezz Room] i showed before in the blog post before this one. I think he loves Nic's sweets.In Nic's right hand she is holding the leash. You get an Animesh leash and a static one. I used the shopping cart from poses from Foxcity. The pose used is from the [Freemon Store]

About Tentacio ( from the food basket and sweet box) i can tell you that old gacha's are for sale price in the shop. full sets 299ld. And there are nice lucky boards. No group needed.

Blouse: amias -  amias - TOYA blouse pack
Skirt: amias -  amias - TOYA skirt pack
Hair: Mina at FaMESHed X - MINA - Coco - Essentials (NEW)
Shoes: Mosquito's way - Mosquito's Way - Nicole
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at UniK - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - PETRA lights (NEW)
Pose: [Frimon Store] - part of [Frimon Store] # Couple 17 (50ld)
Dog: [Rezz Room] at 6 Republic - [Rezz Room] Labrador Retriever
Motocar ( Tuk tuk) : Manji's - Manji's Type 2 Green
Shopping car: FoxCity - part of  FOXCITY. Wicked Bento Pose Set
Sweet box: Tentacio - Tentacio sweet box from Summer time gacha ( full old gacha at sale price)
From inventory: bag - fame femme; paper bag - Nutmeg. ( old gift); panda dew beer crate - MI (now Madras) ; trees - ~ASW~ (see posts before this one); paper bin - Serenity Style (see post before this one); food basket - Tentacio ( old gift);
Pictures made at : Rieri Town Tokyo
Bye bye, Nic

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