Monday, August 6, 2018

what's up?

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What's up? If you don't like it.... then leave!
It's Men Only Hunt time and that means i can show some male readers ..yeah i know i have...some good stuff. I hunted as a fool today untill i was satisfied with the result. And it was nice to be back with tjip on the road in sl.
What is he showing? Beside the new hair that i bought in the Taketomi club all other items are free.
The taketomi club has group join fee. But... then you can get fatpacks for 50ld. I love this curly hair.
From the Men Only Hunt are the sunglasses, the shirt, the sweatband, the espadrilles, the pose, facial hair, skin, the necklace and the bike. The bike is from a super nice pose set. But i wanted use the "what's up" pose from K&S first.
You need find a moustache. The hint and slurl page is here. The hunt is running till august 18th. So you have time to go for it. The hunt item was hard to find in the PBM shop. I remember it always was difficult there. You can ask me ( Nicandra Laval)  for help, if you can't find.
The work lamp on the ground, i bought at marketplace. Otherwise you couldn't see the shoes  in this dark garage ;).

Hair: Taketomi club - BURLEY - Justin - Fatpack (50ld/ but group join fee)
Shirt: A&D  for MOH - A&D Clothing - Shirt -Vivien-  Coral Special Gift (free)
Facial hair: (( Mister Razzor )) for MOH - (( Mister Razzor )) Facial Hair Raphael (free)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins  for MOH - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - MOH11-ROLAND-gift (free)
Espadrilles: Gild for MOH - MOH11@Gild_Espadrilles_Dirty white (free)
Sweatband: PBM for MOH - PBM [Head Sweatband] MVP
Bike: Animosity for MOH  - Animosity - Billy Pose Pack (free)
Pose: K&S for MOH  - K&S - // What's up? // Bento pose (free)
Sunglasses: Soul Identity for MOH  - MOH11 Soul Identity (free)
Work lamp: Alexandra's handmade things - LED Work Light Blue (20ld)
From inventory: cigarette - FAC; Body - Signature, head- Adam; street jean - paul polo
Pictures made near:  the Mister Razor BarberShop
Bye bye, Nic

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