Saturday, November 19, 2016

apartment de Pijp

Nic in her new apartment de Pijp. De Pijp is a narrow street in the heart of Amsterdam surrounded with houses and a hot spot in Amsterdam to live. But i placed it with a view to the beach.  Pixel Mode designer Tya Fallingbridge made this for the Amsterdam theme at 6 Republic It's a nice light apartment with high windows and several rooms. On the first picture you can see the view to the hall. On the overview picture you can see the high windows and the room behind the livingroom, reachable through the doors. Good for making a dining room over there. There is also a room that you can use as bedroom.
Behind Nic in the hall are some candy posters from Mushilu laying in the corner. Nic will use them for decoration for christmas. She already put some of the sweets on her table in the livingroom. On the second picture on the wal posters from Chez Moi. It's from an street poster stand, but i made the wooden parts invisible. To the left the cute cushions and pillow hat boxes sit from  [kusshon]. The candelabra's are also from [kusshon]. All free groupgifts.
The classic bench behind Nic is a new release from [CIRCA]at The Old Fair (  Nov 4th - Nov 25th) with 56 animations (incl couples).In many colors available. It's for the garden, but in wintertime we can use the garden furniture for inside as well isn't it.
Nic is wearing a cute cropped top from Yokana . it's a present at "The Winter is Coming Fair". Many presents there. The bag is also a present at the fair.The leather skirt boots and jacket and the applier stockings are from BRII, a gift. Nic's hair is from barberyumyum for Fifty Linden Friday. Still in the shop , so run. Every hair color is 50ld. Also a beret for 50ld is available. I used the milk choco truffle beret from offbeat  from Nic's inventory for the sweets theme.

Hair: *barberyumyum*51 for FLF - *barberyumyum*51 (brown) (50ld/FLF)
Leather outfit: BRII - **KISKA AUTUMN STYLE COMPLET OUTFIT ** (free)
Cropped top: Yokana at TWICF - "Winter is Coming  Fair" Gift - Y o K a n a (free)
Bag: shine by [ZD] at TWICF - "Winter is Coming  Fair" Gift - shine by [ZD] (free)
From inventory: Black undershirt applier - *ZD*; beret - offbeat

Apartment: Pixel Mode at 6 Republic - [PM]Pixel Mode - De Pijp Apartment (NEW)
Candelabra: [kusshon] - [kusshon] Autumn Candelabra. candles on / off li 5(free)
Pillow box sit: [kusshon] - [kusshon] hatbox sit FREEBIE VERSION, copy, 4 li (free)
Sign and Posters for Xmas : CHEZ MOI - Group Free Gift CHEZ MOI (free)
Bench: [CIRCA]at The Old Fair  - [CIRCA] Blog Pk1 - The Old Fair - "Palace Garden" Benches Nov (NEW)
Candy items: Mushilu for Enchantment ( theme Hansel& Gretel till 30 nov) Candy Garden.Mushilu (NEW/gacha)
From inventory: Other furniture- Pixel Mode; branches and light ladder - Silvery K; dogs - Anc
Bye bye, Nic

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