Saturday, February 7, 2015

see me, feel me, touch me ...heal me

Gazing at you i get the heat....
But she can't.. she has a blindfold from Silvery K over her eyes. But that makes feeling more intense.
The beautiful collar is also from Silvery K. A new release for collabor88 for the new round that starts february 8th 2015. Anda my helper for this blogpost bought a new suit from Paul Polo. Love that suit. It has a soft silk idea or is it leather.  Below some extra pictures to show you more details.
The pose on the sofa is from Rack poses at Romp fresh round ( opened 6th february). Comes with rose and rose petals. The two other couple poses are from Agapee ( groupgifts)

*:..Silvery K..:* at C88 - *:..Silvery K..:*Neck Corset Mesh (NEW) (open 8 febr.)
*:..Silvery K..:*at C88 :..Silvery K..:*Blindfold (NEW)
Dress: Ydea - **Ydea Tiffany ** ( lucky chair/ free)
Hair Nic: Argrace - *ARGRACE* MIZUKI - Blacks
Suit : Paul Polo - Paul Polo MASTERcasual mesh suit  with elegant pants and formal shoes (55ld)
Hair  Anda: Truth - Truth Tom
Pose on sofa: Rack Poses at Romp Fresh - Rack Poses a Sensual Touch (NEW)
Couple poses: Agapee - Agapee groupgift 06 and 10 ( free/ many groupgifts there)
Pictures made at: Sarawak
Bye bye, Nic
Click small pictures to enlarge for a more beautiful result and enjoy!

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