Sunday, January 12, 2014

a little story

Here you see some pictures that i took at the new years feast in Tirol. But see what happened. Soraya's Ingo didn't come. See her sitting in thoughts. But then tjip came and he brightened up Soraya's evening. And as you can see they both liked it very much. Did they kiss? Tsss tss tsss!!! What will Ingo say! Has tjip a problem with his friend now? We will see.
Already a week before this feast Soraya was nervous. What could she wear? Nervous like women can be in real life for such an event..
The result is beautiful. She wears the Chrysalis dress that she showed before on the blog at christmas, but then in red. She was very glad with her lip make-up. I will ask her the link as well as the link for the jewelry. I will add it later.
Tjip wears his suit that he also showed before on the blog.

Soraya's gown: Chrysalis - Chrysalis -Charlotte luxury mesh dress - black ( 80ld)
Suit tjip: Sin Original - sin original 100 member gift mens (i hope it is still there/ free)

Bye bye, Nic

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